Kingdom of Greece ( Greek : Βασίλειον της Ελλάδος Vasilion tis Ellados ), the period in 1832. superpowers United Kingdom , Austria-Hungary , Prussia , France and the Russian Empire is proclaimed by the state. Following the declaration of independence, it was recognized internationally by the treaty dated 30 August 1832, in which it took full independence from the Ottoman Empire . Greek War of Independencein 1924, the kingdom was overthrown and remained in place until the establishment of the second Greek Republic. Later, in 1935, the republic was replaced by the kingdom in 1935, and this time dominated the territory of Greece until the end of a seven-year period of military coup, and today it was included in the establishment of the modern Republic of Greece . Greek revolt with Ottoman eye Main articles: Greek Revolt and Greek War of Independence In the Ottoman Empire , the nationalist movement, fueled by the French Revolution , attracted a number of minorities in the Ottomans as well as many peoples in Europe . Although the first uprising in the Ottoman Empire were Serbs , Greeks carried out the most systematic organization and action. Only the Russians supported the rebellion of Serbs , while the whole of Europe supported the Greek independence movement. According to the Ottoman rulers, the Fener Greek Patriarch, Grigoryos , who was in Istanbul at the time, supported the rebels. The grand vizier, who, after questioning the Patriarch Grigoryos, was convinced of his relationship with the Greek uprising.Benderli Ali Pasha issued an order to his execution on 22 April 1821. After the Patriarch was hanged, the door of the room where he was taken out was taken to the exile. Today, the door is still closed due to the initiative of the church. This door is also known as the Petro Gate or Middle Gate . Rebellion began not only in Greece but also in Mora . However , the Greeks living in Anatolia gave full support to the Greek Cypriots . Europe, who recognized the Renaissance and ancient Greek culture, was fascinated by the Greeks. For this reason, all states were oppressing the Ottoman Empire for the independence of Greece. But with the eyes of the Ottomans, the Greeks had a special place with other proportions to other minorities. Foreign language professors have even been appointed as customs officers and interpreters. Seeing the full support of Europe, the Greeks accelerated their preparations for rebellion. In 1814, they established the Filiki Eterian Society and made their motions motivate their Megali Idea . Their aim was to reclaim the lands owned by the Byzantine Empire in time. For this reason, they started their first uprisings on the Eflâk - Boğdan territory. But this revolt could be suppressed by the Ottoman Empire in a short time. The rebellions were suppressed by the help of the Ottoman State and the provincial governors, but every intervention by the Ottomans reacted with the European states. In 1827, Russia, the United Kingdom and France came together and agreed that Greece should be an autonomous principality and expelled all Turks living in the Greek territory, with the aim of destroying the Balkan lands in the Ottoman Empire . When this decision was forwarded to the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan refused and burned the Ottoman Fleet by sending the fleets to the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans sent calls to these states for compensation of the damage, but Russia responded to this call by fighting. In 1828, the Ottoman Empire was defeated in the war with the Russians. Many historians attributed this defeat to the fact that the Janissary Corps had not yet been lifted and the new army was prepared for war and not accustomed. When Russia started to occupy Erzurum and Kars by taking advantage of this empty moment of the Ottoman Empire and started to move towards Trabzon , the Ottoman Empire wanted peace from Russia through Prussia in order not to miss its land . With the acceptance of Russia, the Treaty of Edirne was signed. According to the agreement, the Ottoman Empire would give Greece independence. fter the Greek Independence Struggle, Yannis Kapodistrias ( istννη John adıαποδςστριαί - known in Europe as John Capodistria ) led Greece to escape the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire. However, the independence of Greece has been assassinated and died before being recognized internationally. In 1832 London Conference 'in the same time period accepted superpowers United Kingdom, Russia, France, Greece throne, the 17-year-old Bavarian Ottooffered. Prince Otto was the first king of the Kingdom of Greece. Otto was not of the age for the throne, so he returned to Greece until 1835 when he ran the council on behalf of the regent council for Otto. Otto, in his remarks and leadership, was holding advisors from Bavaria, and sometimes his own. This continued until the rebellion of 3 September 1843. Together with the uprising, Otto was forced to issue a constitution to Greece. He ruled the country as a constitutional kingdom until he was dethroned in 1863. In 1863, King Otto overturned, instead of I. Georgios name with the Danish king's 17 year old son Prince William also passed. He sat on the throne for 50 years and the period of Georgios I was called the expansion period for the Kingdom of Greece. In the early years, Greece was a rather small country. A large part of the Aegean Islands , Thrace , Macedonia and Thessaly were not within the borders. During the reign of Georgios the British handed the Ionian Islands to Greece in 1864, which they had been entitled to use since 1815 . Russia and the Ottoman Empire in war in 1881 benefiting from the chaos of Greece, Thessalywith a portion of some territory took some territory. The fact that Georgios I was so active at the political level was a danger in some circles, and the second king of Greece was assassinated in Thessaloniki , which was unofficially linked to Greece . After King Georgios was killed, the country experienced a series of wars with the Ottomans. These battles could not get a full result. The economy of Greece started to deteriorate. As the situation worsened, the Greek economy was internationally controlled, and in 1910 Elefthérios Venizélos ( Greek : ιλευεριο: ( ενι Venλοé) was appointed prime minister to assist King Constantine I. Together with this, the country entered a period of recovery with the ratio. After the start of World War I, there was a clash of ideas between Venizélos, who held the British and the French, and King Constantine, who had held the Germans. Venizélos, who succeeded in overthrowing King Constantine Iinstead, he managed to get Aleksander his son. Eventually, Venizélos fought against the Germans and their allies (including the Ottoman Empire), and the Ottoman Empire had to accept the Treaty of Sevres because it was defeated in this war . With the Treaty of Sevres , Greece gained huge land gains. The armies that were under the command of Mustafa Kemal, who opposed this treaty , attacked the Greeks from Izmir , where they won the treaty with war. Constantine was on the throne again during the Lausanne Treaty , since his son Aleksander had died of a monkey bite. With the expulsion of the Greeks from Izmir, the Council was again dethroned and died in Sicily , where it was sent into exile . Then the Greeks, the Treaty of Sevres they have returned with the Treaty of Lausanne. In 1923, the official stopped the war between Greece and Turkey by the Treaty of Lausanne. This time, however, domestic unrest was leading. After a year with a great uprising, in 1924, the kingdom regime was overthrown and the republic was declared. The second republic, which had been established in Greece until that day, was not even known by all the states; The son of Constantine I, II. Georgios passed the throne. The Greek kingdom held management for a time, and finally in 1967 the army overthrew the kingdom by seizing power. The King of the Period II. Constantine had to leave the country. In 1974, Konstantin Karamanlis was appointed as the prime minister and was declared the third and last republic in Greece.

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