Liu Bolin (Chinese:); traditional chinese: (; pinyin: Liú Bólín) (born January 7, 1973), Chinese photographer.

In 1995 she graduated from the Shandong Collage of Arts in Fine Arts. His famous photography series, which began in 2005, is also known as The Invisible Man. He lives in Beijing, the capital of China.

Liu is from the 1990s, when China's economic revolution in the post-Cultural Revolution developed rapidly and the political stability ensured.
2007 China Report (China Report 2007)
In response to the constant change in Chinese society due to rapid growth and development, the China Report 2007 (China Report 2007) explores China's temporary modern identity through mass media.

While Liu Bolin selected natural disaster, infrastructure constructions, demolition, social instability, and stories about transition from official newspapers, he reflected the interpretation of the official Chinese media, not his own interpretation of the changes China had gone through in 2007. Liu focused on media's power and positive emphasis on the government's needs, while not focusing on the increasing social problems that arise with natural disasters. In depicting these photographs taken by the press, Liu discovers simple semantic documentation and discovers the semantic layers of photography. It examines how the official dialects and individuals seeking a fixed identity in the inter- national society are putting new goals in the real events depicted for their own purposes.

Hiding in the City
Liu Bolin launched Hiding in the City in November 2015 for the Beijing Artist Village Suo Jia Cun. Suo Jia Cun, the largest artist ensemble in Asia, was also present at the time of the demolition. Acting with the sentimentality of destruction, Liu decides to use his art as a silent protest in order to draw attention to Chinese artists not protected by the Government. By painting his own body on different backgrounds in Beijing, he created a space for Chinese artists to reveal the social status acquisitions and the problems they often face with their physical environment.

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