My beloved teacher is a 1967 UK- made film. His original name is To Sir, with Love . Scenario Guyanese of African-American educator and writer ER Braithwaite 'in 1959 dated the same name from the novel James Clavell ' s is still produced and wrote the film directed by tailoring James Clavell made. He played Sydney Poitier , Christian Roberts , Suzy Kendall , Judy Geeson and Lulu . Lulu who is also a singer The famous theme song of the film, "To Sir, with Love" with the same name in the film, also "My teacher, with love". Mark Thackeray ( Sydney Poitier ), who is unable to find a job in engineering with his real profession, is obliged to work as a teacher in a high school in a suburb of London . This young, inexperienced new black teacher starts with the expected friction between the disciplined students, who have been expelled from other schools. The idealist teacher Thackeray chooses the hard way and tries to be friends with them by addressing the problems of the students instead of walking away. His colleague Gillian Blanchard ( Suzy Kendall ) will not leave him alone.

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