Poldy Bird (December 16, 1941 - June 1, 2018) is an Argentine woman writer. His poetry and literary writings have been published in various newspapers of Argentina and around the world. She was born in Paraná, Argentina, Entre Rios Province, and grew up in Buenos Aires. His mother was eight years old when s he died in a train accident. This tragic death of his mother led her life and writing career. At the age of thirteen he won a poetry competition. At the age of 16, he published his first short story, and in the following year, he began to professionally publish poetry and texts in major journals both in Argentina and around the world. She has worked as the director of the well-known magazine "Vosotras" among women's publications. For his great literary talents he has won several international awards including "Santa Clara de Asís" and "Premio Mundial Consagración de la Literatura". His most famous scripts include b Cuentos para Verónica ”(honor of his first daughter), os Cuentos para leer sin rimel sin, os Nuevos cuentos para Verónica ilk and ica Cuentos con niebla En. With regard to the first book called mek Cuentos para Verónica ”, some sources are said to be one of the best-selling Argentinian publications after 'Martín Fierro la with a record of two million books sold only in Argentina. It is also known to be the first book in Argentina to be translated into Japanese.

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