A subliminal message or subliminal message is a sign or message embedded in another object , and is designed to be unnoticed at the moment, under the limits of normal human perception . Subliminal messages cannot be noticed by the conscious attention of the human , but they are suggested to affect the subconscious of the human . Subliminal techniques advertising and propaganda It is frequently used in the fields. It is one of the subliminal message samples of the clothes brands that the characters drink in the series or movies. The objectives, impact, frequency of use and competitiveness of such techniques are controversial. It is used in many subjects ranging from marketing of brands and products to changing the interests, needs and perceptions of the society. In order to make a person, institution or product look bad, it is the most common way to use subliminal message to process an object that is bad with that thing. As a result of the studies done so far, even the most conscious and defensive people cannot solve these messages at 100% at first glance. This leaves our societies vulnerable to direct advertising. Parliament 'also adopted on 15 February 2011 6112 No. of Radio and Television Enterprises and Broadcast Services requirement of paragraph 2 of Article 9 of the Law "subliminal techniques used in commercial communications."

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