The Garden of Earthly Pleasures (Dutch: Tuin der Lusten ; English The Garden of Earthly Delights ) is a painting by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch from 1503 to 1504 . The work, which is a triptych , has been in Prado Museum in Madrid since 1939 . In the left panel of this famous painting is depicted heaven with Adam and Eve and marvelous animals . The middle panel is full of worldly pleasures with many nude figures, unique fruits and birds ; the right panel depicts the hell shown by various forms of punishment of sinners . When the outer panels are closed, relief is seen on the relief of the god . In this work, Bosch selected the painting on which the painting was made. This is in contrast to the traditional painting technique, which is common among Flemish painters of that period , and is applied to a smooth surface of the painting, which is used to alleviate the sense of human touch.

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