The siege of Akka was built today in the vicinity of the Akka city , which is on the Israeli border . French Napoleon was defended by Cezzar Ahmed Pasha (today's Turkish by Kasap Ahmet Pasha) against Bonaparta . In fact, the Accord is divided into two: Egyptian War Defense of Akka The Ottoman Empire had a very short time in those days. He was fighting outside Austria and Russia. Inside, they were trying to suppress the revolts caused by economic reasons and nationalism. Then there was the economic crisis. The tycoon value of the soldiers was reduced, and the external spending increased. They were working to reduce them to some extent. The Tulip Era had taken place recently . But the Patrona Halil Rebellion , this cycle was inconclusive. Embassies began to be opened in European countries. In this way, developments in Europe were wanted to be followed closely. Paper and fabric factories opened. In the military field, there has been much more development than in other fields. A new infantry army called " Nizam-ı Cedid " was established. An officer was brought from Europe (especially from France). They tried to renew the armies in the light of the military and technical knowledge of these officers. A new officer school named " Mühendishane-i Hümayun " was opened. Selimiye Barracks , and also opened a barracks in Levent. Modern weapons were taken from Europe . Shipyards were developed; the construction of new ships began and existing ships were repaired. Despite this development, the collapse of the state could not be prevented. Napoleon knew the British power would be reduced by Egypt 's removal. Because if he took Egypt, he could seize the whole African continent without difficulty. If he had captured Africa, he would be able to break with other Europeans' colonies. In this case, Europeans are among the most England 'was to reverse. Because the Far East and Oceania were under his control. Therefore, he would be with the Ottomans throughout the war. In order to realize this plan, Napoleon left the Tolon Port with his fleet on May 19, 1798 . The attack plan was top secret. No one was asked to hear. Nevertheless, the attack plan was heard by the Turkish embassy in Paris. Everything was done to stop the attack; but the results of the defense preparations began. The forces in Cyprus and Crete were strengthened. Napoleon, with 280 ships and 40,000 men, first captured the island of Malta on the way . Then he moved on. When he reached the Port of Alexandria in Egypt , he made troops out of land immediately. Unable to stop here, the French seized the harbor of Alexandria. Then he headed for Cairo. Napoleon to Cairo , local administrators on the way, "I am an enemy to the world, I am a friend of the Ottomans ," he said, vice versa, began to hypocrisy to the contrary. The Kölemenler who resisted on the road could not spray the French army because they were not regular. The army was constantly moving. Shortly thereafter, Napoleon, who arrived in Cairo, hunted most of the atrocities one by one, and when the rest became ineffective, he ruled Egypt completely. Cezzar Ahmed Pasha , who heard that Egypt was under occupation, began to strengthen Sayda's territory against any possibility of invasion. Napoleon ruled Egypt without any problems. After the attack plan was released, the British prepared a navy and sent them to Egypt under the leadership of Horatio Nelson . The British, who suddenly broke the French fleet in Abukır , sunk a large part of the navy, and the rest were captured by the British ( Nile War ), except for a small portion . This sudden raid surprised Napoleon, and he made black thought. So the Egyptian War was finished. Defense of Akka Napoleon was stuck in a place far away from his homeland because of the sinking of his fleet in Abukır. He had a small navy; but the navy was not enough to carry all the soldiers. Therefore, he had to take the navy in the shipyard closest to the site. That area was Sayda . If he took the fleet and the shipyards here, he would have a sigh of relief. But there was a problem. Sayda had the Akka Castle under the command of Cezzar Ahmed Pasha. He couldn't get the shipyards and fleet in Sayda without that castle. Therefore, taking the local troops in Egypt, on 10 February 1799 , he set off for Akka Castle. The British Navy was stationed in front of this castle. On February 20, he captured the fortress of Elaris, and continued on his way. Occasionally, the uprisings of the slave was on the road, but the army could not stop the progress. February 24 'ta Gaza ' s, March 5 'ta da Jaffa ' s seized. There were about 4000 Muslims executed to give the eye to the mountain. Then there was a plague in the French army. But the plague has survived. The execution of the people caused the remaining people to hate Napoleon. In addition, the remaining French navy were captured by the British. On the 40th day of the movement, the French army arrived before Akka. He surrounded the castle from almost everywhere. Then he launched an unremitting attack. Napoleon had heard that Cezzar Ahmed Pasha was a tough commander here. So shortly after he started the attacks, he sent him two letters. Both promised. But when Cezzar Ahmed Pasha executed two envoys, Napoleon got into the cubes and stiffened the attacks. Despite the harsh attacks, the army in the fortress was still resisting. The British navy also received artillery fire. While the castle continued to be defended, a help from Istanbul had inadvertently gone to Jaffa in the hands of the French . Spies in the ship confused the crew, allowing the navy to approach Jaffa and not to Akka. Napoleon, along with the attacks began propaganda. He wanted to pull the people to his side and get a definite victory. Increasingly hardened French attacks gave results after 1.5 months after the siege began. The castle had captured Ali Burcu, the French. After that, the French soldiers began to leak into the city. But at the end of the same day, with the exploding of the arsenal of Cezzar Ahmed Pasha, the French attacks were interrupted and they had to withdraw from Ali Burcu. At this time, the French admiral Horatio Nelson saw the French infiltrate the fortress and cut his artillery fire. But when he saw the Turkish flag standing in the castle the next day, he continued his artillery fire. On the 52 th day of the siege, about 3000 Nizam-i Cedid soldiers from Rhodes Island came to the fortress . The French army, already worn out, was thoroughly demoralized when he heard it. There was a bigger army across the street. Napoleon couldn't think of anything anymore. On the 64th day of the siege, Napoleon decided to make a sudden retreat. Because he knew he couldn't take this castle. The prospect of colonizing the Far East was trapped in front of Akka. He withdrew Sayda and Egypt to the Ottomans, saying, "If the Turks had not stopped me in front of Akka , it would not even be in the business to take over all the east". Then Paris Peace Bill was signed with the Ottoman.

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